Институт кибернетики им. В.М. Глушкова НАН Украины,
космических исследований НАН Украины и НКА Украины
Международный научно-технический журнал


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КВ № 15605-4077ПР від 09.09.2009
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науково-технічне та виробниче
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Рік заснування:
6 разів на рік
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українська, російська, англійська

The history of foundation

The journal is the only Ukrainian periodical for more than half a century publishing works of fundamental and applied research in a wide range of problems of automatic control and computer science.

The first issue of “Automation” was published in 1956. Its publication was the result of strenuous efforts of the Kiev group of scientists – enthusiasts headed by Academician of NAS of Ukraine A.G. Ivakhnenko, who for many years was its Editor- in-Chief.

The emergence of new journal evidenced of the existence of the Kiev school of specialists with sufficient assurance declaring itself in the theory and practice of control systems construction headed by Academicians of NAS of Ukraine A.G. Ivakhnenko and A.I. Kukhtenko.

Since 1988 the Editor- in-Chief is Academician of NAS of Ukraine Vsevolod Mikhailovich Kuntsevich — now the honorary director of the Institute of Space Research of NAS of Ulraine and SSA of Ukraine, President of the Ukrainian Association of Automatic Control. Over the years the journal has changed: the former was originally the organ of a relatively small group of the Kiev experts in control, it soon became a republican journal first and then the one of national importance. “International scientific and technical journal “Problems of Control and Informatics ” is reprinted in its entirety in English since 1968 now by publishing firm Begell House, Inc. (USA) as «Journal of Automation and Information Sciences» (www.begellhouse.com).

In 1994 the journal changed its name to “Problems of control and informatics” and since 2009 — the “International Scientific and Technical journal “Problems of control and Informatics”.

The Journal is published with the creative participation of:

  • Ukrainian Association of Automatic Control;
  • State Space Agency of Ukraine;
  • academic and branch research institutions;
  • leading universities of Ukraine and CIS countries;
  • scientists and specialists from abroad.

The journal is included in the list of specialized editions of Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine; is regularly reviewed in domestic and foreign editions:

  • «Dzherelo” (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • «Abstract journal” (Russia, Moscow, VINITI)
  • «Mathematical Review» («Math. Review», USA, American Mathematical Society)
  • «Applied Mechanics» («Applied mechanics Reviews», USA)
  • ASME;
  • journal is entered into the database of the American Thomson Institute of Scientific Informatics (ISI)
  • The abstract database Scopus.

“International scientific and technical journal “Problems of control and informatics” is included in the list of specialized editions of Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine, as well as in an international list of journals, which is taken into account when determining the citation index.

Information about the journal is included in:

  • Catalogue of periodicals of Ukraine (subscription index 74002);
  • Catalogue of Agency “Rospechat” (subscription index 74002);
  • The unified catalogue of periodicals of academies of sciences – members of IAAS (subscription index 10033).
  • The export catalogue;