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Requirements to manuscript

Material of articles must be original, i.e. not be published before or submitted for publication in another journal.

Manuscript is submitted on white paper in two copies, abstract (5-6 lines indicating the UDC, name of the author, title) – Ukrainian, Russian and English. On a separate page it is provided information about the author: name, postal and email addresses, phone, fax, place of work, scientific title, academic degree, position. You must specify with whom of the authors to be in correspondence. On the last page of the article each author puts his signature.

To the manuscript there must be attached the author’s consent to the publication (see. in the sample of the journal).

On the first page of the manuscript it is desirable to specify the section of the journal (see. the fourth page of the cover), in which the article is to be published.

The text is to be printed with one and a half spacing. Margins must be wide enough, the pages are to be numbered. Material of publication can be divided into subsections of no more than two sublevels.

Tables and figures are presented on separate sheets.

References should be numbered consecutively (in square brackets) in the text. References are listed at the end.

On a separate sheet there is attached a list of all special characters, Greek and Gothic letters used in this article, such as: Greek letters γ – gamma, Ω – omega; Gothic \iota – dom; special characters: \int – integral; \bigcup{} – merge; \bigcap{} – turn.

All articles are reviewed anonymously, if necessary, they can be returned to the author for revision.

After the approval of the article for publication by the editorial board the author presents the texts of the article and abstracts in electronic form (file format * .doc, * .rtf). Having received the proof of the article agrees the editor’s corrections and urgently sends it to the editor. In the case of a significant changing by the author of the edited text the article will not be considered as one to be published.

Editorial board does not report the reasons for refusal to publish articles and reserves the right not to return the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editors at the following address:

SSE 187 03680 Kiev, Glushkov Prospect, 40, Building 4/1

Space Research Institute of NASU and SSAU, editors (BR. 106).

For information call 038 (044) 526 22 29.

E-mail: red@nonnared.kiev.ua, turnonnared@gmail.com.

 Requirements to text files:

Text of the articles and abstracts are typed using a text editor Microsoft Word.

Apply Style: font Times New Roman, 12 pt height., Line spacing 1.5. Paper size A4, margins (left, right, top, bottom) of 2 cm.

All variables and formulas are typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 on a scale of 100×100. Equation Editor Options — default. Width of formulas no more than 12 cm. Brackets from the template editor are used for signs formulas: \left(\frac{a}{b},\prod{},\bigcup{},\sum{},\int \right) For variables, including indices of applied brackets keyboard dialing, for example (a^{j}_{i},l^{b}_{l}). For the transposition — T.

In the formulas and figures all the variables and indices are denoted by Latin letters.

The numbering of the formulas should be sequential, i.e. should not be separately numbered formulas of each section of the article or to introduce dual numbering.

Drawings (not more than 10) are built-in picture editor Word Picture or other Windows-based applications (in this case the figures should be submitted as separate files format tiff with 300-600 dpi resolution or eps).

Tables are standard built-in Word tool “Table”.

Remember that discrepancies of the text file with the text of the article are not allowed.

By submitting the manuscript to the “International scientific and technical journal “Problems of control and informatics”, please make the following letter:

Consent to the publication



Author / s confirms /that:

– the work has not been previously published (except in the form of a summary, part of a published lecture, review, or thesis);

(Underline whatever applicable)

– it is not under consideration for publication in other editions;

– publication has been approved by all co-authors;

– it is approved for publication by the responsible institution or the institution, in which it is performed;

– it does not contain any confidential information belonging to third parties.

Author / s cedes / the founders of the International Scientific and Technical Journal “Problems of CONTROL and INFORMATICS» V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine  and the Institute of Space Research of NAS of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine the exclusive rights to the article, including the right to publish this article by publishing Begell House Inc. (USA) in English in the journal «Journal of Automation and Information Sciences».

Copyright is transferred at the time the article is accepted for publication.

Author / s guarantees / his / their article is original and that he / they have the right to carry out the transfer. The author takes responsibility and puts the signature of all co-authors. The copyright transfer covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, translations, fotovosproizvedeniya, microform, electronic forms (on- and offline), or any other similar form of reproduction.

Upon receipt of the agreement signed by the corresponding author, changes of authorship or order of authors listed will not be accepted.


“International Scientific and Technical Journal “Problems of control and informatics”

Journal of Automation and Information Sciences



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Signed by the corresponding author

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